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My name is Jon Sharpe. I'm a fitness coach helping professional men and women to succeed by boosting their energy, drive and focus through health optimisation. 


I'm a UK diploma certified personal trainer who formerly worked in investment banking, so I have a deep understanding of what it's like to try and manage your health and fitness whilst juggling long work hours, and other life commitments.


The Mind and Body Mentor was born out of my desire to help people to sustainably optimise their physical and mental health, and to reach peak performance in every area of their lives.


Online health coaching built for demanding schedules

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The Mind and Body Method

Together we will tailor a progressive nutrition and exercise program  that will reinvent your relationship with fitness and put you in the best mental state you've experienced.

The key principle of the method is sustainable behavioural change. We're going to hit the reset button and shift your identity  through positive habit formation.

This is a program built for learning. I want to teach you my proven method so that you understand the process and achieve long term success.

The focus is always on the feeling. I want you to be feeling the best you've ever felt, so that you can perform to your highest potential and feel more fulfilled in all areas of your life.

So how does it work?

Coaching is delivered online, and in this respect works very much like other types of performance coaching. I find this style of coaching superior as it allows more flexibility for my clients. Furthermore the value that I add is in upgrading your beliefs and knowledge, and ensuring that you achieve behaviour change. Counting push ups alongside you in the gym is not necessary for any of those things.

Exercise and nutrition plans are delivered via an app, and we will have coaching calls once a week. The coaching calls are designed to keep you accountable, challenge your current beliefs, and teach you what you need to know. From the outset, we work together to build a sustainable and progressive plan that works within the constraints of your life. 



The human brain evolved in an era of movement. One study estimates that we would need to add a 19km walk each day to reach a comparable physical activity level to our Paleolithic Stone Age ancestors (1).


Perhaps it’s not surprising then that our brain tends to suffer given the sedentary nature of today’s lifestyles. Just as animals in captivity become distressed, the human, too, doesn’t do so well at his desk chair.


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